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Big Sis/Lil Sis

PA Elite Volleyball Academy wants players to have the best experience possible. One of the components that helps make individual and teams better in a club setting is the opportunity to support each other, be role models, and to encourage each other. It is expected every team will watch other PA Elite teams attending the same tournaments during their off periods as the schedule allows.

We at PA Elite are taking it another step in creating Big/Lil sis teams to specifically cheer and support each other throughout the season.  How each team chooses to do this is up to the team, although we strongly advise against spending a lot of money to do so. Some suggestions of what that can look like

  • Attending games at tournaments (schedules can be found online )

  • Making signs for the team, taking a picture, and send it to or Selene at 727-692-0871 to post

  • Making individual signs for players to post at home

  • Having a cookie/sock/$5 below exchange

  • Post It notes/index card with encouraging quotes/comments

  • Attending an activity together on an “off” weekend

  • Or whatever your coach and team decide J

Team matchups will be:

12s and 15s,

13s and 16s,

14s and 18s

We hope that each athlete will be blessed by this program with a strong sense of commitment to each other as a club. 

Thank you in advance-


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