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Hello Families of PA Elite

We, at PA Elite, want to offer as many opportunities for athletes to develop skills, compete and utilize those skills, and have a memorable volleyball experience. AAU Nationals is one of the largest competitions in the country that brings athletes from all over the country and some even from other countries. We would like to suggest this OPTIONAL competition for PA Elite teams to participate in.

 AAU Nationals is held in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention center or the ESPN Center. Very few teams play at the ESPN Center and a majority of the teams will compete at the Convention Center. There are 5 division of play for each age group: open, premier, club, aspire, and classic. Teams will be placed at the level the PA Elite feel they will compete best in. The tournament is a 4 day tournament of play, 3 days of pool play and the last day being bracket play based off of the performance prior. Athletes will be in a morning wave or afternoon wave also based off of what level of play and how they perform. Once done for the day athletes and families may do as they wish with their time in the area.  We suggest one day for a team bonding activity. AAU often has special days and rates for National attendees.

Here is the link to learn more about this competition -

Age definitions are not annual but are based off of how old the athlete is on August 31st of that year. Athletes born on Sept 1 or after are considered the next age group up.


The approximate costs pre-tournament will be $450 per athlete to cover costs of entry, costs for practice space and costs for coaches.  As we firm up team makeup, accommodations, and practice space this cost we hope can be reduced. We will be doing at minimum 1 team club organized fundraiser to help reduce these costs for families. We are asking the entire team whether attending or not to participate in this fundraiser as any reduction of costs to the club benefits every athlete.

We will also have a list of vendors that offer individual fundraising to help reduce costs.


The cost of the trip can vary in costs, but there are many things that can be done to reduce costs.

Driving versus flying  - Convoying with other families can be helpful

Flying would require a possible rental car. But if you stay in a hotel near the Convention center many locations are in walking distance so use of service like a Super Shuttle can be helpful.  Families with cars can help with travel to team activities.

Hotel versus house – Airbnb. VRBO, and other sites have multiple room houses for great rates. is another good resource. Rooms with kitchens can reduce the costs of meals throughout the week.

A possible budget could look like

Hotel stay for 4 nights Extended Stay on @$167 per night  with taxes  $750

Gas for drive                                                      Mapquest estimate $70 one way                $140

Tournament passes for 2 adults             $58 per adult/ $45 per child                            $116

Approximate total                                                                                                                           $1006

It is a financial investment in your athlete’s sports experience and we want to be sure that athletes are committed to the extra costs and practices that preparing for it will require. We recognize that not everyone will be able to participate for whatever reason and we are completely supportive of those decisions. It is not a detriment if your athlete is unable to attend. We will be offering free camps and clinics throughout the summer and there are many local camps/clinics and outdoor events athletes can attend.( Selene will be compiling this information as it gets closer to the summer)

Our first request is that a firm decision be made by April 2, 2019 by filling out the commitment form for either decision and signed by a parent/guardian.


___________________________________  is interested and will participate on a team for AAU Nationals              

  Parent Signature ________________________________________________

  Date __________________________________________________________


____________________________________ is NOT interested and will NOT be participating on a PA Elite team for AAU Nationals.

Parent Signature  ________________________________________________

 Date __________________________________________________________

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