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How many athletes will you take on a team?

                The optimal team number is 9 to 10 athletes for player management and to cover positions adequately.  We would like to try to keep teams already formed in tact to attend the competition.

What age level will we play?

Teams will keep the current age group they play in now with the exception the Titanium (14s) would need to play at the 15s age level based off of AAU age definitions. A few other players from other teams would also need to shift up should they decide to go.

How many practices a week?

The practices would be two times a week until competition time possibly the same days of practices now with the exception of Fridays, we may try to find another day.

What if less than 9 players from a team commit to go by April 2?

We are asking families to give us a firm answer by this date so we can first know if we can put together a team for Nationals and second to know what spots we need to fill. Our goal would be to find athletes to fill open positions on the team by the deposit deadline (TBA but before May 7th). If we are unable to fill those spots we will not be able to take that team to Florida. Although parents may want to make arrangements as soon as possible, please do not put deposits that are non refundable or pay for travel until the team is a confirmed “GO” for Nationals.

What fundraiser is being done in April?

We are looking to do a sub/sandwich sale. All team members going or not going are being asked to participate.  If a team does not end up going to Nationals the funds raised will support camps, clinics,  club equipment needs, and help keep costs reduced for next season.

Travel tip if you plan to get a rental car

Look into flying into Tampa and getting the rental car from there. Orlando is an hour and half drive. Preferably choose times earlier than 2 pm arrival to avoid rush hour traffic. If you get in very early in the day Clearwater Beach is only 33 minutes from the Tampa International Airport.


What are the dates for AAU Nationals ?


Every family is responsible for their own travel and lodging.

Any other questions/concerns  please email

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